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  • A community, centered around a social cause, and geared toward instant impact

  • Badass merch to show your support

  • A collection that actively supports freedom for Ukraine

  • NFT and token airdrops for early adopters

  • A metaverse, that awaits for your arrival as a world leader

  • After an age of peace - a new dictator has risen.
    The Freedom Apes are a group of unlikely heroes, that show up to put Puck Footin in his place. 

    Enter the Metaverse

    Those who rise to the challenge end up as leaders. Usually without realizing it.

    Your unwitting Freedom Ape will soon be recognized as a bringer of hope in the metaverse. With you at the helm, it will gain political capital ($Sway), and spend it to reform your country into a place of true prosperity.

    Form alliances and navigate the morally-barren world of politics to defend what truly matters.

    Mint Now

    40-75% of Mint Price Goes to "Razom for Ukraine" 

    Your Freedom Ape helps Ukraine continue its fight for Freedom.

    "Razom for Ukraine" is a 501(c) registered charity in Ukraine, that provides support in the face of this ridiculous situation.

    "Razom" means "together", which incidentally is how the Freedom Apes community can make a massive difference as well.

    Mint Now

    Freedom Apes Swag

    Show your support for Ukraine, and look badass doing it. 

    Merch will become available soon after the first wave of 500 NFTs is minted.

    60% of the profit from every sale will go to "Razom for Ukraine".

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    Social Conqueror


    Mad APE


    Console Cowboy

    Your Questions Answered

    What is an NFT?

    NFT stands for non-fungible token. In simple terms, it means each NFT is a unique asset. It is one of a kind.

    What is the total supply?

    There will be 10,000 Freedom Apes.

    What is launch/mint day?

    Launch day is in late September. If you're seeing this page, we're live.

    Is this on Ethereum?

    Yes - both the collection, and the Play-to-Earn metaverse will be launched on the Ethereum network.

    What is a metaverse?

    The metaverse is a parallel reality, where things happen somewhat differently. Some things stay the same, though.

    In this metaverse, your Freedom Ape will be called to become a World Leader (a Leader Ape). In this upcoming political/economical metaverse, you'll be able to change the metaverse for the better - with some real, tangible benefits for our consensus reality too.

    How much do we donate to Ukraine?

    We automatically donate:
    1) 40-75% of each NFT (depending on which wave it's part of)

    2) 30% of the price of branded merchandise

    3) 5% of every NFT resale and game revenue

    Mint Now

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